Addison offers operations sub-contracting to fabless semiconductor companies. We will do all or any part of operations management you do not deem a nucleus proficiency.

You can get wafers fabricated, devices assembled and tested, warehoused and shipped without an operations staff. Variable cost can replace your fixed cost. Your cash can be conserved by limiting payroll to design and marketing. Through billing consolidation your working capital can be stretched.

Addison Engineering has many years of experience assisting customers with operations including foundry, assembly and logistics. Our entry point can be at any chosen manufacturing stage you do not consider to be core to your business.

We also have experience with appropriate package identification, product design, releases to production, yield improvement, test time reduction and characterization functions.

If we do your foundry management we will supervise fab loading and lot tracking. We will aim to identify mismatches between design and foundry capabilities. We will offer guidance to the designer how to make yield improvement allowances for limitations in process and to recognize what the foundry tool productivity enhancements imply for design. To optimize performance, reliability and operating margin, we can direct your devices to the "best fit" fab technology.

If we manage your assembly and test we will work to reduce backgrinding, dicing, packaging materials and labor costs. We will work to get your test time down or to test two devices in parallel and to accomplish the test on the lowest cost tester. We will supervise loading and lot tracking, yield reporting and nonconforming material control.

If we do your logistics we will manage traffic between subcontractors, drop shipments to end customers, inventory administration and warehousing.

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